Ginger Lime Alfajor

Not quite a cake... not quite a biscuit... A little bit more than a cookie sandwich, the Alfajor (Alpha-Hor) is a traditional Argentine sweet confection and the perfect compliment for dulce de leche caramel (Argentine caramel).  Two cookies so light they crumble at the touch.  They are then sandwiched together with our dulce de leche caramel.  A decadent and intoxicating confection.

Our Ginger Lime Alfajor is baked with organic lime and ginger zest, sandwiched together with our dulce de leche caramel, then topped off with organic coconut.  At first you experience hints of ginger on your palette, then the surprising taste of lime complimented with our creamy dulce de leche caramel.

6 per box.

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