Assorted Dulcettes

Dulcettes are a unique confection, combining a handcrafted Dutch chocolate cookie, then carefully layering smooth-creamy Dulce de Leche, and lastly, dipping it into a dark chocolate ganache.  We than dress each Dulcette with its own unique flavor.  A perfect bite-size treat for any occasion.

Himalayan Pink Salt Dulcette - We gently dust each dulcette with our imported Himalayan Pink Salt for that sweet -n- salty taste complimenting the bittersweet  chocolate ganache and our imported dulce de leche caramel.
Valencia Orange Dulcette - We infuse our chocolate ganache with hints of orange citrus, then gently place topped off with our imported Valencia Orange. With an orange aroma, imported chocolate and creamy dulce de leche, your senses will be delighted. 
Toasted Hazelnut Marshmellow Dulcette - We layer our Dutch chocolate cookie with a toasted marshmallow and creamy dulce de leche, hand-dip each Dulcette into our chocolate ganache, topped off with a sprinkle of freshly house-toasted hazelnuts for that crunchy-nutty flavor complimenting both our chocolate ganache, creamy dulce de leche and gooey marshmallow center.


Included in each of our signature boxes of Dulcettes are Himalayan Pink Salt, imported Valencia Orange and House Roasted Hazelnut. (2 of each flavor / total 6 per box)

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