chocolate mint maté tea

Our robust organic MATÉ TEAs  are masterfully blended infusions that lends warmth on a cold dark morning and refreshment on hot, sultry days.  Distinctively refined.  They are expressions of invigorating and seductive earthy aromas. 

Did you know?  …Yerba maté is referred to in South America as "the drink of the gods" and with good reason. This delicious beverage provides a caffeine kick without the jitters, making it a favorite for those wanting a natural boost to get through the day.  A health powerhouse, it can help with weight-loss, immunity, fatigue, focus, and much more!

This refreshingly smooth blend has just the right amount of kick. Think peppermint patty in a cup! The initial bright minty flavor and aroma transforms into a delightful combination of mate and cacao. A rich cup of tea that could easily be considered a dessert. A deep, roasted earthiness with a refreshing minty finish.

chocolate mint maté tea.  Pure high-quality Maté tea leaves, Organic mint and dark chocolate.  

Our Classic Maté teas offer organic mate tea leaves and all natural fair trade ingredients.   

8 sachets per tin.

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