What is an Alfajor you ask? ...

This delectable confection, served to Royalty, dates back to the year 712 AD  where the Arabic culture named it meaning "luxury" or "exquisite" and later adapted by the Spaniards in 1786 and brought to the new world in the 16th Century, with a stop to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Today, this exquisite confection is found in many parts of the world and tweaked in their own way. 

Our Alfajor is made in the traditional Argentine way made in our bakeshop with all natural and organic ingredients.  Two soft-crumbly, melt-in-your mouth buttery cookies with hints of lemon and cognac, and a velvety dulce de leche caramel center, then rolled in organic coconut.  Our chocolate inspired Alfajor are two crumbly chocolate cookies, hand-dipped in a Belgium dark with hints of citrus.  We've also kicked it up a notch and added additional flavors such as Ginger Key Lime, Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread.  These exquisite confections can be found in Argentine cafes shared amongst family and friends savored with an espresso or mate tea.  Once you try our Alfajores, you'll wonder why you never did. They are addicting and intoxicating!